Obinata Seimitsu Kogyo’s four particular strengths

1. Quality

Measurement instruments Micrometers

We check quality of any of our products in each process. With confidence, we deliver (ship) our products to our customers.
Our motto is to always maintain high quality.

2. Cutting and grinding technology

Processing of round and long products processing of large and plate products

We excel at cutting and grinding processing for various non-ferrous metals including stainless steel (SUS), aluminum, titanium, and Inconel. While working on challenging processing, such as microfabrication and difficult-to-cut processing, we prototype and assemble metallic, plastic and resin products, and promptly deliver these products from a single unit to a large quantity.

3. Machine production

Machine assembly jig assembly

“From cutting and grinding processing to tangible products”
Machine assembly requires engineering skills and techniques totally different from cutting and grinding processing. We always aim to achieve top quality.
Depending on the request, we can respond to various types of orders, such as jigs for production lines, mass production jigs used to enhance productive efficiency, and inspection jigs.

4. Production and quality control

Production control Quality control

Management of producing 4000 different products per month with the high-mix low-volume production system

We produce machines including their parts, mainly focusing on prototyping, not on mass production. This makes us produce a wide variety of products in a small quantity.
For this reason, we set up a secure production control system that promotes all work processes efficiently and eliminates any mistakes.

What’s New

June 20, 2014
Our strengths include production of air pneumatic machines. We have accumulated much know-how in flattening and centering of such machines at work.
June 20, 2014
We also work on microfabrication, difficult-to-cut processing, and difficult-to-machine materials taking advantage of the metallic property of each material.