OBINATA SEIMITSU KOGYO’s High Precision Cutting and Grinding Processing

Meet the Needs of High Precision Cutting and Grinding

utting-edge processing processing of groceries

Know-how based on OBINATA’s craftsmanship x CAD/CAM for multiaxial composite processing x Five-axis simultaneous control machining center

The five-axis simultaneous control machining center (MC) and the CAD/CAM system for multiaxial composite processing, “HyperMill,” that we newly introduced have significantly enhanced OBINATA’s craftsmanship of the cutting and grinding technology. We meet your requests of advanced cutting and grinding processing in a wider range, from cutting-edge processing to the processing of groceries, flexibly with quick delivery. We are always ready to serve as your partner to keep on trying in cooperation with our customers.

Wire cutting

Best suited for application areas including prototyping

Feel free to contact us for asking about prototyping/processing of groceries with complicated shapes, including prototyping/processing of complicated jigs and metallic molds that require high precision in advanced technical fields such as automobiles, robots, medical equipment, and aerospace engineering.

Simultaneous five-axis control processing machine (OKK VC-X350)

Simultaneous five-axis control processing machine Simultaneous five-axis control processing machine

What’s New

June 20, 2014
Our strengths include production of air pneumatic machines. We have accumulated much know-how in flattening and centering of such machines at work.
June 20, 2014
We also work on microfabrication, difficult-to-cut processing, and difficult-to-machine materials taking advantage of the metallic property of each material.